Technical features:

• Gear system operation device to reduce

effort applied to the key

• Patented off-phase operation preventing


• Zinc plated steel case

• 4th and 5th locking point pre-setting

• Nickel-plated, horizontally sliding latch,

roller and deadbolt

• Through-holes for handle rose fixing

• Latch or reversible latch/bolt

• Current absorption 3,1A

• Voltage 12 V ac CE

Supplied as standard:

• Set of nylon roses 1.06012.01.0

• Nylon faceplate cover plugs

• Lock and cylinder fixing screws

• Instruction sheet

On request:

• Special striker plates (see Vademecum)

• Extended bolts for 4th and 5th locking

points item 1.06449.10/11

• Threaded pin for extended bolts with

external rods item 1.06449.05.0

• Cylinder protective rose item 1.06460.05.0

or 1.06460.06.0


• This lock series is certified according to the

European standard EN 12209:03

DRAFT WI 33250:2004:

Security degree 6 (1.000 Kg lateral push

resistance and 600 Kg front push