Technical features:

? Patented system: key with incorporated

mobile element

? Security Card: authorised duplication by

Cisa onyl

? Bitting system: 13 active pins arranged

radially on three rows, up to 19 pins on 5

rows for master keying.

? Hardened steel pins and drivers.

? Stainless steel springs.

? Carbonitrided solid steel body, with

chemical nickel-plating corrosion treatment

? Hardened steel shackle, with chemical

nickel-plating treatment

? Carbonitrided steel cylinder protection

plate, with chemical nickel-plating


? The removable cylinder can be either

rekeyed or replaced


? flat reversible keys, with incorporated

mobile element

? in nickel silver alloy

? numbered on key bow

Supplied as standard:

? 2 keys